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Salaam Aleikum!

Welcome to the website of Ocean Tours, your hosts for your adventures in Libya.

Al Muheet, 'The Ocean', is the name of our company, and we will guide you from Libya's magnificent Mediterranean coastline to the heart of the Sahara in the nation's interior.

Al Muheet was established in 2003 by Sami Eljaibani, an experienced tour manager. Sami has been a motivating force in the tourism industry since his return to Libya from the UK. Based in Benghazi, Al Muheet is recognised as a leader in Libya's blossoming tourism industry.

From the forbidding dunes and mirage-like oases of the interior sand seas to the spectacular historic sites on the Mediterranean coast, Libya is a truly unique holiday destination.

The Eclipse Group
Al Muheet is proud to be a member of the 2006 Eclipse Group. We are one of five travel organisations selected by the Libyan authorities to manage Libya's guests throughout the eclipse 'season', when thousands of visitors came to Libya to view the March 29 total eclipse at its totality of 04 minutes 07 seconds. Only companies with the strongest track record and highest reputation were selected for this elite group.

A Message from Al Muheet's chairman, Sami Eljaibani...
Of the rich national legacies of Libya and her people, perhaps the most ancient and enduring thread is our tradition of making visitors from around the world our friends.

The fourth-largest country on the continent, Libya is the perfect touring destination to experience North Africa's great natural beauty and cultural and historical assets.

I welcome our friends from all over the world to our country!

Sami's Email: libyan dot sami (at) gmail dot com
A Libyan grotto overlooking the sea
Tocra Ruins

Rolling sand dunes in Libya
Western Desert

Some of the beautiful landscapes in Libya
Wildflowers, LAtrun

Sami - Ocean Tours manager and tour leader
Sami El Gibani


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